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Protecting human rights and the environment in the coffee supply chain is important to us. As companies of the coffee industry, we have joined forces under the umbrella of the German Coffee Association. Together we are pursuing the goal of making the coffee supply chain effectively better. For this, we depend on your help: Please inform us about concerns or grievances that affect our work.

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It is important and right to draw attention to grievances.

All incoming information will be examined confidentially and comprehensively. The independent company Global Risk Assessment Services GRAS supports us in this. The more complete and detailed your information is, the faster and more thoroughly we can investigate your request. Hence our request: If possible, give us information on the following questions: What happened? When? Where? Which company does the report concern?

What can be reported?

Please inform us about human rights and environmental risks in our supply chains. Here are some examples of comments and concerns you can raise:

Child Labor

Forced labor and slavery

Lack of occupational safety

Violation of civil liberties

Unequal treatment at work

Unreasonable wages


Violation of land rights

Violation of human rights by security forces in the work environment

Tell us about your concerns.

Our promise: You remain anonymous.

Free online form

Submit a concern online now.

  • The link takes you to the Ear4U SpeakUp® system.
  • There you enter your information in an online form.
  • It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form.
  • You can also upload documents (e.g. photos) if you wish.
  • A report number is automatically assigned to your submitted concern. You can use it to log into Ear4U's SpeakUp® system at any time (HERE) and see how far the processing of your report has progressed.

Submit a concern online now

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Free app

You want to submit a concern via our SpeakUp® app?

  • You can download the app free of charge, either in the "App Store" store (for iPhone or iPad) or in the “Google Play" store (for all other mobile devices and tablets).
  • You can access the Ear4U SpeakUp® system via the app.
  • There you enter the code 103720 and submit your information by writing or voice message.
  • You can also upload documents (e.g. photos) if you wish.

Please click here:

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Would you like to describe your concern by phone?

Please use the service hotline of the country you are calling from. When calling, please quote the following code: 103720

Telephone: 800 86 1919


Telephone: 0008 0005 03159


Telephone: +256 41 423 8162

Call charged at local rate

Telephone: 0800 11 1020


Download the list with all telephone numbers as a pdf file.

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What happens to your report?

1. You will receive a personal report number.

A report number will be automatically assigned to your confidential report. Please keep the number safe. You can use it to log into the Ear4U SpeakUp® system at any time (HERE) and see how far the processing of your report has progressed. After submitting your report, you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt.

2. If necessary, we ask for further information.

In order to be able to process your report quickly and thoroughly, we need information - if available - on the following questions: What happened? When? Where? Which company does the report concern? If we are missing important information that would help us to process your request, the independent company GRAS may contact you via the anonymous SpeakUp® system. You decide for yourself whether you want to provide further voluntary information about your case.

3. We will review your report.

All incoming information is thoroughly and seriously examined. The following points are important criteria for the review: Is your report about human rights or environmental risks? Are the supply chains of one or more companies, which are involved in Ear4U, affected?
We will contact you within ten working days after submitting your report about how long the examination is likely to take. The first check is carried out by the independent company GRAS. Your concern will then be investigated by a trusted person from the company whose supply chain the report relates to. The company decides whether and what action to take to respond appropriately to your report.

4. We will inform you about the result of our investigation.

The SpeakUp® system will provide you with information on how your report will be handled and whether or which further steps will be taken.

Our promise: You will remain anonymous.

The protection of your identity is our top priority. We guarantee complete confidentiality and anonymity to all tipsters. When reporting your concern (by hotline, using the online form or via the app), no personal data is requested or collected at any time. If you wish, you can also reveal your identity.

Thank you for your trust and support.

With your report you help us to make the coffee industry effectively better.